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This is an awesome way for you to help support me directly and for me to keep on creating! All donations go to supporting my work and maintain my livelihood and in return you get some awesome rewards too. Here are the different membershp tiers you can donate to:


Tier 1 – Seize The Clay

• EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS. These can range from Q&A’s, tutorials, meeting other potters and lots of fun inspirational stuff! As we get to know each other, we can decide what video content you’d like to see from me.

 • A CREATIVE COMMUNITY. Together we can build a community where we can motivate, inspire and learn from each other. I will open a Discord channel once we’ve reached 20 members. A wonderful space to talk all things clay, share what we get up to and build a little pottery community to get to know each other in.

• BEHIND THE SCENES. Be the first to check out any latest work in progress and also first dibs on new pieces. You get to see the ins and outs, sketchbook work and my life in the pottery studio- seeing all the up and downs of it!


Tier 2- Totally Kilning it

• All the benefits from Tier 1 Seize the Clay membership.

• THANK YOU GIFT. Minimum 12 month consecutive membership in this tier required before your first personalised mug, bowl or planter.


Tier 3- You Are A-Glazing!

• All the benefits from Tier 2 Totally Kilning It membership.

• THANK YOU GIFTS. Receive quarterly tiny handmade gifts sent out to you every spring, summer, autumn and winter.


✨ I look forward to building a little community here. Thank you so much for your support and welcome to my ko-fi family!

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