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My pottery story started out at school, Astor College for the Arts in Dover, at GCSE level. I didn’t know what Ceramics was but it sounded right up my street for a GCSE option. Never did I imagine it would become my life. I went on to study further, in the subject, at A-Level and then at a Graduate level at University, Canterbury Christ Church.

I cried my eyes out with pure excitement and joy when I got my first kiln all wired up and working in the shed, at the age of 23. This was the beginning of my dreams coming true. My parents had surprised me for a graduation present. It was an old manual kiln that needed a little TLC. It lasted for about 5 years. What joy, misery and constant surprise it has given me along my pottery adventure.

When I left University, I dabbled in ceramic art for about 3 years then went full time in projects, exploring and experimenting and I haven’t stopped since. I wouldn’t say I have a style of work. It’s a rather eclectic range of work I produce. I am constantly learning and love to pass on what I know to others. I believe that if you stick to one style, range or technique, you are not allowing yourself to grow with knowledge and as an artist. I like to focus on process rather than the end result. Saying that, I do make some functional pieces as well, seeing as pottery is a big part of everyday life. You can’t have a cup of tea without a mug.

I have been working with Future Foundry and Ceramics Art Dover, two local organisations, where I am surrounded by creatives people. Together, we bring opportunities for the local community to engage in the Arts. July 2019, we held our first Clay Date event. Who knew how much interest the community would have for ceramics. 

I had been given the opportunity as Artist in Residence in Ashford School 2020/2021. 

An exciting chapter to my story, was being part of the Channel 4 show, The Great Pottery Throw Down in 2020. What an experience that was! Many highs, many lows… and a great bunch of people to share that experience with.

I am now running my own business. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss! I love seeing where this journey takes me…

Thank you for visiting my website.

Love and peace,

Rainna x

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